Easy DIY: St. Pattys Day Cookies

If you want to do something a little special for St. Patrick’s Day, mix a few drops of green food coloring into premade cookie dough and reshape into cookies then bake. Bonus points if you shape them into 4 leaf clovers.  Easy and delicious! Image By slgckgc [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons  

4 Chic Sweets to Serve at Your Next Holiday Party

Guest Post: These delicious cocktail cakes and bars make chic sweets to serve at your next holiday party. Impress your friends with these desserts that look and taste amazing. Some are easy and some are sophisticated, but whatever your cooking level. all are scrumptious. Pink Rose and Macaron Shabby Chic Petit Fours These untidy, pink …

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Frugal Diet Tips

Have you made some New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or to eat a healthier diet? You don’t have to sign up for expensive weight-loss programs or buy gourmet pre-packaged meals to stick to a new diet or to adopt healthy changes. Losing weight can actually be quite inexpensive if you purchase healthy foods and …

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