How to Save $$$ with Grocery Apps

In my quest to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) or at least a part-time SAHM I have been working to cut our expenses. I called our satellite provider and negotiated a $42 per month decrease without even changing our plan. I have started to turn off lights when I leave the room and I have also downloaded a bunch of grocery savings apps on my phone and started accounts. Some are VERY profitable and some are not. I have listed my personal apps below ranked in order from my most to least profitable.
1. Ibotta- This is actually my newest app. It features cash back on items that you traditionally don’t find coupons for such as milk and bread. Some of the offers are not even brand specific so you can choose your favorite brand and still get the discount. Offers can be small ($0.20 back on milk) but can add up over time. To receive each offer you have to complete a task such as watching a 15 second commercial or learning a fact but well worth it if you figure that 15 seconds=$0.20 or $48.00/hr. To earn the money you just purchase the item, scan the item’s barcode and receipt and click on the offers you want to redeem. It is more than just a grocery app though as it features clothing store rebates too. Offers include $10 off a $100 purchase at Macy’s and $10 off a $75 purchase at JCPenneys. A $10 minimum is required to cash out and you can have your funds transferred to your PayPal or Venmo account or you can pick from a number of retailer gift cards.

2. Snap by Groupon- Snap is very similar to the grocery feature of Ibotta. It features cash back on products from grocery stores that are brand specific. For example, this week I have an offer for $1.00 off any Laura’s Lean Beef. To earn the money you just purchase the item, scan the receipt and click on the offers you want to redeem. Your earned money is mailed to you in a check form but you have to earn $20 or more before you can cash out.

3. Checkout 51- The best part of Checkout 51 is the Pick Your Own Offer feature. Every week you can pick from a short list of produce items such as bananas, apples, or salad. At $0.25 per offer and the low-cost of single items of produce, you can get a free banana or apple most weeks. Just like Snap, scan the receipt and click on the offers you want to redeem. Cashing out is a $20 minimum and is mailed in check form.

4. Cartwheel- This is a store specific app for Target. It features offers discounts like % off toilet paper or paper towels at Target. You don’t get cash back as this app acts like a coupon and takes the money straight off your total at checkout. Just search for the deals and add them to your list. Let the cashier scan your phone at the register-that’s it!

5. Receipt Hog- This app uses your store receipts (just take a picture) to award coins to your account. Coins add up and can be cashed in for cash rewards through PayPal or gift certificates. A 1000 coin ($5) cash out is minimum and this actually takes quite some time to achieve. I have been using this app 6 months and I’ve yet to reach $5.

6. MobiSave is another app I’ve heard of but when I went to join, I got put on a waiting list. If you want to get into grocery apps, you may want to join this waitlist!

Offers can be doubled up. Buy a banana and submit for a rebate of $0.25 on Checkout 51 and $0.20 on Ibotta and you can actually make money.
All of these app offers can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons. All but Cartwheel can also be combined with additional store coupons, like Kroger Catalinas (print out coupons at the register)!
*Don’t buy unnecessary products just because you have a discount. If you wouldn’t have bought it before or you aren’t going to really use it, don’t buy it. This will actually make you spend more than you would have before.

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I am a no-nonsense Midwestern girl trying to do it all. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 7 years and I am and mom of one precious baby boy. I stay super busy and I wouldn’t change a bit of this crazy journey they call life.

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