Little Hands in the Strawberry Fields

These Little Hands in The Strawberry Fields.

Springtime and strawberry picking. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Ace of Base and Wilson Phillips on the radio, windows down; the fresh breeze of spring air blowing through our hair as we leave yard sales to head to the strawberry fields on a sunny, Saturday morning. Sweet, sweet memories with my parents.

As I was sitting outside enjoying the sun the other day, “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips started playing on the radio. Nostalgia hit me as it usually does.  It made me realize I haven’t been strawberry picking this year- and the strawberry season is almost over.  I want to give my son the same chance to have those sweet, sweet memories of spring. So what did I do? With the windows down and the fresh breeze of spring air blowing through our hair, my little boy and I headed to the strawberry fields.

Got his bucket and ready to find the best strawberries!

My heart felt full seeing him on a mission to find the perfect strawberries. His little 6-year-old hands were seeking the reddest, most delicious strawberries he could find. It made me realize, not so long ago, it was my own little hands picking strawberries.

Now, I’m standing here with my own little being. How did time go by so fast? Moments like these make me thankful and feel blessed for each road in my life that I have been taken down and has made me land where I am at, in this moment. I wanted it keep this second in time in my life and savor it. These sweet, sweet memories. 

With a bucket full of strawberries, it was time to go.  Friends, take time to make these sweet memories with your little ones. Put down your phones. Turn off your tvs. Those can wait. Take in their sweet innocence while you can.  They will remember it and cherish it, I promise.

Those little hands picking strawberries won’t be little very long.

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