Super Cool Lego Inspired Bedroom Ideas

We just saw The Lego Batman Movie (I loved it, btw!) last week and my 4 year old son won’t stop talking about Batman and the Joker. He is obsessed now and keeps drawing pictures of them together and playing with his Lego characters. It cracks me up because it reminds me of a tiny clone version of my husband since he himself loves Batman and Legos. So needless to say, there has been a lot of Lego talk in our house lately.

It’s such a coinkidink that this super cool infographic was shared with me since I’d love to design a Lego inspired bedroom for my son now that I know how much he loves them. I especially love the DIY Lego dresser idea and the handmade photo frame. I just had share it with you!

How to Create a Lego Inspired Bedroom:

Lego Bedrooms
Lego Bedrooms by Terrys Fabrics.

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